Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs
Hope NYC is a church that's welcoming, relaxed and friendly. Everyone is welcome at Hope and encouraged to sit back and enjoy the warm atmosphere. 

HopeNYC believes:

  • In Jesus Christ, that He is God's one and only begotten Son.

  • That we are all valuable to God, His prized creation and
    He wants a relationship with each one of us

  • Each individual is created with a unique talent, ability, or
    experience that can help others

  • In being relevant to life while mainting the truth and
    integrity of God's word

  • That the true sign of a christian is loving others

  • The Bible is a flawless handbook that helps us succeed
    in life and gives straight answers for issues relating to work,
    family, relationships, and anything else we encounter.

  • A relationship with Jesus Christ is integral to living a fulfilled life

       See our detailed Statement of Beliefs here

      HopeNYC is a place…

  • To be yourself.
  • To ask tough questions and get honest answers.
  • To meet new friends and build authentic relationships.
  • To grow spiritually and relationally.
  • To make a difference in your community and world by serving others.